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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Nine Patch Quilt Finished!

I picked up the quilt from my long arm quilter, Lori, and it looks great! I chose a slightly variegated cream/ivory thread so it would show up. It's different, but I like the texture and definition it gives.

Picking the binding was a little tough...went through all my "scraps" big enough to give me the straight of grain 2.5" strips that I needed from the fabrics I used in the quilt. I chose a little's kind of "pinky/purple". To be honest. it was a tough decision to make colorwise. But I can think of worse things to decide on!

Of course, Eva had to come out and play for this. The whole quilt top was sewn with her so it's fitting she come out and sew the binding together and on the quilt. Love working on her with the Sewing Machine Mat and the cute Dresden Plate Spool Pin Doily

Sewing the binding was easy: 2.5" on grain strips folded in half and pressed. Seam width is 3/8", sewn right side to right side with raw edges even. I set up the machine with the Seam Cloth Guide set at 3/8".
Each side is sewn up to the next corner, stopping 3/8" from the end and backstitched. Then the binding is folded back at a 45 degree angle....
Then fold the binding down over that 45 degree angle so that the fold is aligned with the quilt edge....
Pin that fold 3/8" down from the quilt edge (and fold) and begin stitching again at that pin, again backstitching. It's so easy to do!  Then comes the hard part of folding the binding over to the back of the quilt and hand stitching it down.

I slugged through hand stitching the binding onto the back of the quilt after machine stitching it to the front. I usually work one side a day. I pretty much finished it in the four days allotted. Yeah!!

Here it is folded up on the table after completing it.

Here's the finished quilt on the old bed. It adds some needed color to this attic room. 

While working on this Nine Patch Quilt I was able to design, sew and write the instructions for another Classic Sewing Magazine article for the Fall 2022 issue. It's safely turned in to them, so now it's time to choose another project. Hmmmmm.....have to go through the UFO box again!

Happy Stitching and Sewing to you!

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