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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Gifted Box of Goodies

Every now and then someone comes to me and asks if I want something sewing related that has been cleaned out from a relative's house. Word has gotten around that I appreciate old laces, old baby clothing and other items. Today I was gifted with this box of crotchet and tatting supplies with a nice little extra surprise.
This is an amazing array of old threads, cotton and rayon. The colors are really beautiful...much more of a color selection than what seems to be available today. The little tatting balls on the bag measure just a little more than one inch in diameter and are "Star Six Cord Tatting" that is "fast color, will boil".

One of the balls had a label tucked inside. It advertises projects and instruction booklets that you could buy for a grand price of ten cents each! Looking at the photos I assume this ball dates to the 1940-1950's.
Here are the projects and their booklet numbers.
But the surprise in the bag was this Singer Sewing Machine Attachment booklet that is tattered and brittle, but oh so interesting! More about this little gem in my next post.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Project Finish

I believe this is the first time I've finished a class project so quickly: 40 days. I took the class at the Embroiderers Guild of America National Seminar on 30 Sep. Not too shabby! I kept plugging away on this one a little each day between a lot of other activities. Completed just in time for cold weather. Love it!
These are  Deborah Gale Tirico's Wool Appliqué Fingertip Gloves.
I worked slowly on each glove basting each little wool felt piece in position. Deborah's kit was well organized with the Appleton wool threads in the little card and the needle "book" stapled to it. The plastic bag, also stapled, had the beads, buttons and velcro patches. 

I finished the design on this glove with the beads, then proceeded with the next one.
After attaching the thumbs with buttonhole stitch in a variegated cotton thread, I did the same with the rest of the glove. The finger gussets are buttonhole stitched, too, along with the button tabs. Love the sparkly little turquoise buttons on these Better seen in the top photo). These fingertip gloves will be very warm and handy this winter!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Satisfaction and Snails

You're probably thinking "what the heck is she thinking and what does it have to do with needlework???"

Satisfaction is finishing another UFO (Unfinished Object) albeit slowly like a snail. It gives me great satisfaction. I will think about the chosen project everyday and can't wait to get some precious time to slip away and work on it, however little. Case in point, this project: Gail Doane's "Liberty Trim Sewing Case". I have no idea when I took the class from Gail, maybe 2-3 years ago. I wanted something to work on while I was teaching at the SAGA Convention a few weeks ago especially since I had some extra time at the hotel for special events bookending the teaching. So I grabbed this one.

I set a goal of one flower a night, and just the flower. Slowly I crept through the 7 flowers. Then I set a goal of the stems and leaves. While at the EGA National Seminar I worked on the monogram and finished it after I came home.
Slowly but surely (like a snail)  I finished the embroidery.

I've worked everyday for the last four days on the case construction. I love the color choices in this kit, especially the  floral Liberty Lawn.
The inside of the case has three zippered pockets and six small pockets. Plenty of room for my stitching essentials.
Here's the finished sewing case.  It took lots of short spurts of time over many days, but it's done. Another UFO out of the box!