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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Completed New Sewing Space!

 Yeah! It's done. The Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Task Office Chair (that's a mouthful!) chair from Staples arrived yesterday: three days early. So I got to work. I put the big parts on the sewing room floor to begin the process. The wrapped chair legs look like a blue starfish against the arms and seat back.
The other parts laid out on the floor....
Next the parts list to figure out what was what. 
I like to lay them all out, counted, to get familiar with each type.
I sorted the screws and other parts and put them next to my machine on my sewing machine mat. By the way, this Sewing Machine Necessary mat pattern is available on my website. I had to measure the screws to figure out what was which in the millimeter sizes.
It didn't take long to put it together with the provided hex wrench. The cool mesh back will be nice during the summer. The seat is oh so comfortable!! And I can swivel around, twirl and generally be much more efficient when sewing. So here's the final, wonderful result of re-designing my sewing room for a more efficient, functional work space.
The total amount was about $445.00 for the desk, drawer unit and chair (including a $20 coupon at Staples). Not a bad investment at all! The room is much lighter and brighter 
and a wonderful haven to sew in. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

New Sewing Space Table

My 'new' sewing space will have the IKEA MALM desk that has a pull out table that can be put on the left or right. It's a perfect place to put the laptop. 

MALM desk with pull-out panel white 59 1/2 " 25 5/8 " 28 3/4 " 110 lb

I decided putting it on the left, like the IKEA photo above, was ideal. I can look out the window while working on the laptop. The table is 59 1/2" long and about 25" wide. Perfect for my small space. But I still had to put it together.......

My husband and I carried each piece separately upstairs from the garage into the sewing room....Notice the old phone we keep that works when we lose power during storms when cell phones don't. 

And more pieces in the hallway....
and the box of parts...lots of parts.
Assembly in the sewing room....upside down ready for my husband to help me turn it right side up.
Finally in place!
Next on the to do list is find an ergonomic chair with wheels and adjustable height. This room is going to be so wonderful to sew in. I can't wait to finish the design!

Monday, August 10, 2020

My New Sewing Space

My old sewing table, a very old, small beat-up wood table, was not doing the job anymore. I just didn't have enough room!
After posting on Facebook SAGA Discussion for recommendations I started looking at options. What I found was very expensive (between $1K-$6K). Now granted, they're gorgeous with all sorts of add-ons (again, more $$). I didn't need a sewing 'cabinet': something that closes up to look like a dresser. I didn't need spool racks since I have a wall mounted one. A sewing machine lift to adjust the machine bed to the table (so it's one flat surface) was interesting but those come with expensive tables and cabinets, usually too big for my diminutive sewing room.

IKEA to the rescue!! Some recommendations mentioned IKEA, along with Parson's tables, etc. The IKEA website had several options for 60" tables (as much length as I can have in the room). I chose the MALM desk  because it has a pull out panel for the laptop for easy access when I'm writing sewing instructions for articles and patterns. The desk is white so I can clearly see everything. Great for tracing embroidery designs, too.

I also chose the ALEX drawer unit for storage of all those sewing notions I need to keep on hand when at the machine. Perfect!! The final amount?  $326.48 since we drove to the Norfolk, VA,  IKEA to pick up the order. I'm VERY happy with that amount!! 

But then you have to assemble the items.........

I started with the Alex drawer unit first. Here are all the pieces.

And the inside of the unit showing the 6 pair of drawer slides...thankfully they were already installed.

Next came construction of the 6 drawers. A piece of cake!
And the completed ALEX drawer unit. I think a lot of drawer organizers from a dollar store are calling me....