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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Lace Fabric

Work has begun on another submission for Classic Sewing magazine...possibly the Holiday/Winter 2022 issue. Yup, I have to think "Christmas and Thanksgiving" holiday ideas. Ir's kind of hard in May and 90 degree weather, particularly when the air-conditioning is out in the upstairs of the house (my office/sewing room) while we wait for the new unit to come chain issues.

I can't tell you what the project is.....then it wouldn't be a surprise! But I can show you some of the techniques and trims I'm using for this special holiday "thing". Here's one photo with some trims and lace sewn together already.

It's fun making "lace fabric" although intricate using tiny zigzag stitches that go in and out of the entredeux holes, or sewing two trims together over their headings. I prefer to use 80 weight cotton thread and a small machine needle.

This is similar to Normandy lace pieces of old made from the gorgeous lace cap circles and other bits and pieces that were hand sewn together.  It's a lace quilt, if you will, where ladies sewed their saved bits and pieces of laces and trims into useable doilies, mats and other accessories. I'm fortunate to have some old examples of it.

The center of this oval lace mat has some gorgeous needle lace in the center of each large flower.

This rectangular mat stays safe on top of a small chest where I can see it.

There is a small amount of needle lace on this piece. The "mount" around the circular center is unusual and interesting.
The fun for me is choosing the beautiful cotton laces and Swiss embroidered trims for the project, and then sewing them together into a meaningful, beautiful project. Happy stitching!!

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