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Thursday, March 10, 2022

2022 Sewing & Stitching so far....

 It's now March 2022 and haven't written anything here on the blog....but I HAVE been sewing, stitching, and, designing another quilt. Seems like I get into a mood to make a quilt in January. So here's a run down of the projects I've completed (or almost completed) since the beginning of the year.

"Le Jardin" needle book, a kit and class I took from Wendy Schoen, in 2005. It features goldwork and fine embroidery on silk. It's lovely and another Unfinished Object out of the box!!

A large crochet edge baby blanket made from cute pastel dotted flannel, prepared by machine first with a hemstitch, then crocheted in a shell stitch, was another completed project.

I fell for some flannel at a Joann's for Wee Care preemie blankets, then some Aunt Lydia's #10 yellow cotton crochet from Michael's. One and an eighth yard gave me four squares, prepared again by machine hemstitch for crochet. I'm doing the shell stitch on them....really the only crochet edging I can do. But who cares? It makes a nice edging and a pretty little blanket. Love that I can pick it up and stitch on it anywhere, anytime.

Next up, two Angel Wing Wee Care gowns made from leftover fabric from a long finished UFO... now ready for smocking with some of my Valdani variegated #12 pearl cotton, along with a finished Grady style one.. I like to stitch up the whole gown, with lace trim and pleat it so only the smocking is left to do.

Another project from my Royal School of Needlework classes a few years ago in Williamsburg, VA, taught by the renowned Jenny Adin-Christie, is a heart sachet. I've been very slowly working on it (as you can see in the photo below). It's very involved and tedious with eyelets, needlelace, entredeux, satin stitches, etc., but I do enjoy whitework!

Eva, my 1947 Featherweight, needed a quilted carrying tote to protect her hard case. I had everything in my stash, except for the straps. I stitched the tote case (and machine quilted it), a sleeve for the folding bed (protects the bed from the screw on the machine face), a velcro cord wrap from scraps and the sewing machine mat from my pattern but with square corners. Whew!! I love the coordinating fabric from Joann's printed with fashionable ladies of the era (about Eva's timeframe). All I left to make is a matching spool pin cover....yeah, I know, it's overkill.

Now the quilt. I have a book, purchased from a thrift store, that is all about scrap quilts ("Quilting with Bits and Pieces". I chose a nine-patch one and cut out a bunch of 2.5" squares, a few each day, from my stash. I changed the design to have a pieced border from all the colors. Each nine-patch block is a different fabric from the stash, as you can see with it hanging over the hand rail. 

The entire quilt top was stitched on Eva: I love it!!  The quilt  is now out for long arm quilting. I can't wait to see it when it's completed and bound. So that's it for now....a little stitching or sewing everyday (even as little as 20 minutes) can accomplish a lot of completed fun projects!

P.S.: I couldn't resist making the spool pin doily. It's another pattern from the Featherweight Shop: so cute!

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