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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Relating the Drunkard's Path Border

I've been working every day on the Wonky Drunkard's Path quilt top with the vintage purple and white squares. It's been a challenge for sure but I think it's going to be a cute and pretty quilt when completed.

I've written before about pulling designs together, relating the elements and colors in a garment. But this idea also works for quilts. Lets examine this one:

First, the purple and cream Drunkard's Path vintage squares (seen here when I'm squaring up the edges).

There was no way to match the original purple solid color so I chose a floral print that had the exact same color, plus other pleasing ones, colors pulled from the floral. 

Here is relation #1: Additional fabrics played on the colors of this particular print: pink, yellow, two greens. One of the greens will be the quilt binding. The floral print will be the backing. So colorwise, it's all related. The photo below shows the floral border being sewn to the purple and cream squares.

#2: let's look at the Drunkard's Path shapes:  convex and concave curves with right angles thrown in for good measure. The hand appliqu├ęd tulip squares (dappled with sunlight below) in the middle are tulips with curves and angles. The leaves are curved, too. 

#3: The tulips are in fabrics that tie in floral print to the purple and cream blocks. 

#4: And don't forget the green stems set on the diagonal that mimics the "X" of the purple Drunkard's Path squares. It all relates despite being two different types of blocks.

#5: The borders: well. it was much easier to use these to both highlight and hide design elements. The wonky Drunkard's Path squares would never match up seams to really anything...period. They were a distinct challenge.

So I eliminated the wonkiness and just surrounded the purple and cream squares with borders. Made things a LOT easier, and it highlighted the two distinct types of squares seen in the last photo below.

#6: The final outside border being sewn on below relates because it is a border of small Drunkard's Path squares in alternating colors of all six fabrics used in the tulip squares.


Again, with the solid green and floral print borders surrounding the wonky Drunkard's Path ones I didn't have to be concerned with trying to match seams with them and my border squares.....So much easier!!

As you can see, the top is done, although the photo does not do the tulip squares justice. It goes to be quilted some time next week. I've already made the binding so it won't take long to completely finish this 36-year-old UFO!!!! Another project off the shelf and out of the sewing room.

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