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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Relating Elements Two

I'm working on the embroidery for the Elegance Christening Ensemble between other commitments and making lots of jam (oh my goodness, the berries are ripening faster than I can make the jam!). I wrote earlier about relating design elements throughout a project. I decided to use the little embroidered flower circle of the Swiss edging in my embroidery design. It's simple, elegant and easily stitched.

There will be three of them in the embroidery design at the bottom of the Under Dress. The circle works up easily in tiny eyelets surrounded by granitos (one of my favorite stitches!) because I enlarged it. With a vine of either Outline or Stem stitch, a few lazy daisy leaves and it will look perfect. The little design is only 3/4" wide from leaf to leaf. The eyelets are smaller than 1/8". I like detail work......

Here's one of eyelets being worked with granitos in white floche (a perfect thread for granitos) on the pale pink batiste. Next comes the vine and lazy daisy stitches.
And here's the completed motif. It looks very similar to the motif on the Swiss edging.
I think this will be especially nice on the Under Dress. I can't wait to have the entire gown finished and see the embroidery peaking out from under the Over Dress ruffle! Stitching in the air conditioning is a great way to pass the time on a very hot, humid day.

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