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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bonnet Relations

I've been writing about relating elements while designing and stitching my Elegance Christening Ensemble. The dictionary says an "ensemble" is a group of items viewed as a whole, a set of clothes chosen to harmonize when worn together. The bonnet has to harmonize with this christening gown....who doesn't love a beautiful bonnet on a baby, especially at a christening or dedication?

Anytime I make up a baby "ensemble" I include a bonnet. The bonnet design has to relate to the gown: the matched and embroidered Swiss edging is perfect because that's a 'front and center' motif.

The pattern is from one of my own (the Basic Yoke Baby Ensemble) but I won't use the the brim. Instead entredeux and gathered lace will go around the sides and front. The Swiss edging motif will go across the bonnet from ear to ear. The little circle in the back....hmm.....maybe a little embroidery?

The bonnet back circle needs some embroidery so the circle of eyelet flowers, vine and leaves is perfect for the circle center.  Some featherstitch will work with bullion rosebuds, too, since they're on the Under Dress. See how it looks before it's sewn into the bonnet?
The bonnet lining will be the same gorgeous pink batiste of the Under Dress. And of course, beautiful pink silk ribbons for the ties....I think it will look perfect with the gown.
Here's the bonnet back of the completed bonnet. It looks pretty over the pink lining.
And the finished bonnet on one of my bonnet stands with a view of one of our gardens with a pink hydrangea in the background. This will look so elegant on a little baby girl!

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  1. Lovely bonnet! The pink lining gives it a perfect shade of pink.


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