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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Just Stitch Challenge Day Six!

Another day, another challenge to stitch on something else. I like to swing back and forth between different needlework forms: keeps me on my toes. So I brought a UFO back out: the Crewel Necessities Huswife...a needlework tool holder with crewel embroidery. It was a class I took with the EGA about 2 years ago. The front is completed, so now is a very good time to work on the inside of the case.

I'd already drawn the designs and pieces onto the gorgeous Ulster upholstery linen. Today I had to mount it on my stretcher bars. To begin, I marked the center of each side with a pin after folding it. Then I started inserting tacks about every inch along one end, starting in the middle and moving out to each side. Then I did the same to the opposite side, pulling the fabric taut.
Side three started.....
Last side to complete the tacking.
Next I used the hex wrench to really tighten the fabric so it sounds like a drum when tapped. There are two holes for the wrench on each corner of the stretcher bar rectangle.
The extra fabric on the one side had to be rolled up and pinned to keep it out of my way. I can begin stitching with a wrapped chain stitch line in green Appleton crewel wool.
So nice to something different and work ahead on another UFO! So what is your stitching challenge for today?

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