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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Just Stitch Challenge Day Seven!

It's the last day of the challenge and I want to thank everyone who has participated and visited both my blog here and Jeannie's blog. It's been fun for me and got me out of the pandemic doldrums and stitching every day. That's a good thing!

Today's work is in crewel embroidery. The Crewel Necessities Huswife by Kim Sanders. I've already completed the outside of the huswife, now it's time to work on the inside crewelwork.
I like to work all of the same elements, then go on to the next element, to save time. So I did the Whipped Chain Stitch stems first. Chain stitch is easy, and whipping them after completing the chain is even easier. Here I'm just starting the chain stitch. Both the chain stitch and whipping were all one color.
Next element are the leaves done in Closed Fly Stitch. They're very easy done in the wool. First you stitch a straight stitch one third or so down from the top into the leaf. I've drawn the vein to make it easier for placement.
Then you stitch a fly stitch straddling the straight stitch. A Fly Stitch looks like a "Y" and it reminds me of an open Lazy Daisy Stitch. 
There is a catch stitch to hold the loop down and it's right on the vein line: bring the needle up in the loop of the Fly Stitch exactly next to the previous catch stitch.
Then go down on the other side of the loop, again right on the vein line. Continue the Closed Fly stitches down the leaf to fill it up, like the one in the photo.
The catch stitches become the vein of the leaf. So easy and fun to do!
So today is the last posting of the Just Stitch Seven Day Challenge. Tomorrow I'll have an entirely different post showing what I've been doing redecorating a room for the previous three weeks. 
Lots of sewing!!

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