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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Completed Cream and Sugar!

Oh my goodness I've just completed my first bed size quilt!  Lori, the wonderful lady who quilted it on her long arm, finished it way earlier than I expected and I adore the quilting pattern. 

Since I already had the French bias sewn up and pressed I was ready to put it on the quilt in no time. I machine stitched it to the front and followed instructions in my quilting book "Floral Bouquet Quilts" by Sharon Evans Yenter of In The Beginning. Easy, peezy!

Pressing the machine stitched bias away from the quilt makes it easier to roll it over to the back to prepare for hand stitching.
I pin a little at a time and slip stitch the bias down, then pin some more and stitch. I had one side done in no time! So it was perfectly possible to slip stitch one side a day and finish it in four days!
How wonderful is that?
I love the diagonal stripes of the bias going around the circumference of the quilt. Notice the backing is a lovely pinky peach floral. And check out the swirly quilting pattern!
And here is the beauty all completed and ready to be used! What fun I had doing this, working each month on some of the squares. Block of the month quilts are easy to do, a little at a time, until before you know it, it's done.  Love that!.

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