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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Medallion Last Border

The Cream and Sugar Quilt is out the door and into the hands of Lori who will quilt it on her long arm. So I dived into the Medallion Quilt's last border. All of the sections of the 'Piano Border' were done...they just needed to be put onto the quilt along with the pieced corner blocks. It was a bit of a "goat rope" getting it all together. Each long border was pinned and carefully stitched.

The finished quilt top hanging over the railing!!  I really like the final border. I have enough of the dominate red fabric to make the French bias binding to bring it all together. That was shear serendipitous luck because I had no idea how much fabric to buy with no design in mind when I purchased it all.
I went ahead and made the French bias for both the Cream and Sugar Quilt and the Medallion Quilt since I had all of the equipment set up. After cutting lots of bias strips I pressed each seam open and then began pressing it in half lengthwise. (Note that I wrote "pressed" not ironed!  Ironing, that back and forth motion over the fabric, can stretch the bias. Pressing, an up and down motion, doesn't.) It's a lot of bias for a bed sized quilt and I didn't want to wrap it around a flat piece of cardboard that would put creases in it while waiting for quilting to be done. So I grabbed a leftover bolt board that has rounded sides.....perfect for wrapping the bias around!!
Being my nerdy self I figured out a way to do this task efficiently and quickly.....board on the right and press from right to left.
 Then wrap pressed bias onto board from right to left and repeat.
Now I have the bias for both quilts neatly stored on the bolt board ready when I need it.
I do love it when a plan comes together!

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