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Monday, March 16, 2020

Flowers for a Fall Evening Beaded Finish

I've written before about this lovely wool evening wrap that was a class I took from the EGA two years ago. I finally finished the crewel embroidery a couple of weeks ago. But I decided it needs something more...beaded fringe.
I went to my local bead store and purchased size 11 black seed beads, black gold burnished 3mm czech fire polish, a few strands of a 4mm czech fire polish that look like amber and 2 spools of black nylon beading thread. The black/gold beads match the color of the beads sewn in the Poppy center. The "amber" ones look like the semi-precious Hessonite beads sewn onto the Lily stamens.  And they compliment the vine colors and Burnished Gold silk chenille thread in the leaves.
I decided on a bead fringe design that wouldn't be too long after a few tries, and also would not overwhelm the overall design of the wrap. Or catch on things...don't need beads flying everywhere. The fringe is basically a "Y" shape with 8 seed beads, then one black czech, 12 more seed beads, one amber bead and a seed bead stopper. Every "Y" is individually knotted just in case. 
Then eight more seed beads finish the "Y". 

I used Tiger Tape for spacing that's very helpful and comes in different widths. You just peel it off and stick it where needed. I put it on the lining side of the wrap next to the edge. Every other line (every 1/4 inch) has a line of beads sewn near it as you can see below.
Below is a close up of the fringe.

The Poppy side of the wrap.
And the Lily side of it.
The single leaf in the middle goes at my neck...I can't wait for next fall and winter to be able to wear this!

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