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Monday, February 5, 2018

That UFO Box

I got my UFO box out and dug through it a few days ago. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's lots of Unfinished Objects. Those kits, classes and sewing projects that for some reason or other, get pushed aside for another day.

In digging through the box I unearthed Fabric at the very bottom (you can stop laughing now). Yup, YARDS of quilting fabric. With it was a piece of already-embroidered white muslin. Then another piece of cream colored (Kona?) cloth with the very same design transferred to it right square in the middle. Hmmmm... What was I thinking about 10 years ago? After a search of my design idea notebooks, quilt books, etc., I finally realized I had the design stored in the file cabinet. Eureka! It's from one of the motifs on my antique Blue Work Quilt that my great-grandmother embroidered. Blue Work and Red Work Quilts are so interesting: the embroidery is all line designs done in stem or outline stitch. Fruits, flowers, pets, animals, fairy tale characters, famous people and other motifs are featured on these quilts. They were sometimes used to teach little children their alphabet and words. They're simple, honest and delightful quilts and designs.

Here's a photo of the design I copied from my quilt.
This is what I embroidered changing "Mama" to "Tea Time".  I turned the blue and white one into a tea cozy using some stash fabric.
And here's another version on the cream fabric done in colors to match one of the quilting fabrics that was at the bottom of the UFO box. It's going to become a table topper with other accessories.
It's so much fun to "re-discover" an old project!!

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  1. I always love Blue and White. And Red and White (thinking of your dishes!)


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