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Saturday, January 27, 2018

That Quilt

It's time to start the design for my quilt using the linen Williamsburg Reproductions 1959 Bonny Bonny Charley square (one of those 2018 projects).
I pulled quilting books from my reference library to get to surround Charley, what successive pieced blocks to fill out the quilt, and border ideas. A couple things peaked my interest, and I found out the type of quilt I want to make is a Medallion Quilt. Hmm...makes sense. So where else can I search for ideas, inspiration? Pinterest is the PERFECT way to see different Medallion Quilts. I started a Board entitled "Medallion Quilt Ideas"...real original title but it works.

I knew I wanted to frame the toile square with strips (sashing) and blocks at the corners. But something unique opened up: the toile square was wider than tall. So much so I could use the selvage sides with printing for sashing strips! Great way to save the textile information and add some interest to the medallion.
I had to 'match' the selvage strips with a like linen fabric and found some to match in the stash. But it was too white. Yesterday's used tea bags came in very handy, along with hot water and a little white vinegar to dye the linen strips so they blend in better. Toned down the pure white of the fabric. I chose a large red floral for the long sashing strips between Bonny Charley and the selvage sides.
I put pieced blocks at the corners to start working in some of the colors of the other fabrics. Here's the result.
It's a good beginning for the quilt top. Now all I have to do is figure out the rest of it. A little at a time....


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