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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Out of the Box

It's a good feeling to finish a project from the UFO that had apparently been in the making for...goodness....10 years. It was buried at the bottom, patterns, fabric, some partially completed, and most not done at all. This week I worked and worked and completed the whole thing (or what I thought was the whole thing). It's based on the Blue Work Quilt design from my great grandmother's Blue Work Quilt. But I did this one in color...a lot of color!

Here's the Tea Cozy. The back fabric is beautiful cherry clusters. The binding on the bottom is a deep green with black outlines of fruits.
I used seven different stranded cotton floss colors using two strands each time for the outline and stem stitch. I had a lot of "orts", those left over bits and pieces of thread that get on everything.
The napkins had to be hemmed on the machine. Then I decided to make placemats out of the lovely cherry fabric and bound the edges with the dark green fabric. Those are machine quilted, too. The table topper has smaller cherry motifs in each corner along with the big one in the center. The edges are also bound with the dark green fabric. 
Anyone for tea and cookies?

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