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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hiding a Seam

I'm sewing up the Elegance Christening Ensemble in the ivory and white combination. The lovely (and long) ruffled Swiss edging seam on the Over Dress is always a fun one to do. It's "hidden" so the wrong side of the garment looks just as neat as the front side. There's the old adage that the inside of a garment should be as neat as the outside. It's important during the christening when holding the baby....the Over Dress will open up and the wrong side will be seen.

Here's how I do it:
First I sew the gathered ruffle to the Over Dress with wrong sides together, zigzag it, trim and press towards the Over Dress. Next I trim off the fabric from both sides of the Swiss beading up to the "railroad tracks". I lay the wrong side of the railroad tracks (it's actually a row of entredeux) right over the ruffle seam and stitch with a narrow zigzag. The zigzag is over the straight stitch on the wrong side. And one stitch goes in the entredeux hole and the other swing of the needle goes just into the fabric.
After pressing the beading down around the whole seam I run the silk ribbon through the beading with a bodkin.
Then it's on to the left side to zigzag it down, encasing the raw seam underneath. Here's the wrong side... pretty neat (pun intended!).
Here's another photo of a dress yoke from my Basic Yoke Baby Ensemble Pattern using the same technique at the yoke seam.
It's so easy and neat. I love this technique!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Elegance Christening ensemble #2

The Elegance Christening Ensemble comes in three color choices for the class and kits. I only have the pink and white one made up
so I have to make another one in the ivory and white combination. The other one is all white. It's a good time to go over the instructions, get more photos and generally tidy everything up in preparation of teaching the class at Sewing at the Beach 2018.

I've been busy ordering supplies.
Preparing and drafting the 6-9 month size in for printing the pattern.
And finally starting construction of the ivory and white christening gown.
There is so much to do preparing a class but it's all fun, creative and challenging. I love that!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Credit Card Holder

It's been a while since I've posted. But I've been busy making clothing for the grand daughters that have been mailed off for one all-important birthday! What does that have to do with a credit card holder, you say?? Well, now it's time to do a quick project just for me. One that's been in my head and VERY necessary today. I really dislike people who make their "living" skimming off of other, honest, hard working people. Skimming is the technical word for credit card theft using a device that's put illegally on ATMs, gas pumps, and the best of all, into computers. Computers.... like when you're waiting for a plane in the Atlanta Airport and someone walks by with that loaded computer, or sits next to you, and basically gets your credit card information without lifting a finger...or maybe one or two on his keyboard while he innocently walks slowly past while you're having a quick bite to eat. As you can tell, it happened to me on Terminal B coming back from teaching a workshop. Bummer.

So after doing some research I learned about RFID blocking fabric. It's impregnated with silver copper and who knows what else, but it stops those skimmers from getting your information. It's not washable, but that really doesn't matter to me. Do a search and you can find it at several fabric and notions websites. I've been temporarily using an "Altoids" tin for my cards, but that really doesn't have enough style or creativity, right?

So I tried a Vogue purse pattern with lots of options, including a credit card holder. Made it up, but it didn't work: the card tops were visible and I just felt it wasn't safe enough. I kept thinking about something simple, easy, quick and stylish. Then I thought about a project bag like the one in this post about Sewing at the Beach 2018.

I used a basic 6" square to start for the back, and one 3" x 6" rectangle for the front top, and a 3 1/2" x 6" rectangle for the front bottom. One-half inch seams included in the measurements. The outside fabric is the wrong side of a velvet upholstery fabric (right side is under the holder in the photos). The interlining is the RFID fabric, and the lining is some leftover turquoise polished cotton.
I rounded the corners because the fabrics were pretty thick...easier to turn right side out and press to get that pretty rounded corner. Here's the result and I love it!

Of course I couldn't just leave the zipper plain. Hand to make a "Dingle Dangle" from leftover beads. The card holder is just big enough to put some cash in, maybe a lipstick. Perfect!