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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Featherweight Fun

I've been sewing up a storm this past week making some really beautiful things for my Featherweight. Oh what fun I've had!! I had already ordered two patterns (both digital downloads) from The Singer Featherweight Shop: The Featherweight Case Tote and the Mini Dresden Spool Pin Plate.
My main fabric was a fantastic deal at a local thrift store: 4 yards of 1930's style pictorial cotton quilting with ladies sewing and designing. All for $3.98. A perfect, stylish match for my 1935 Featherweight. After buying coordinating fabric I was ready to start the Case. I fussy cut pieces to take advantage of the sewing ladies on the fabric for the front and back case which meant I had to place the carrying handles "kiddywompass" instead of around the front and back.
And I used the fabric border of "labels" to machine embroider my name, Featherweight serial number and start date on the case lid.
Next I made the quilted sleeve for the folding bed. It's a great idea that protects the bed from the face plate screw when folded up to put the machine into the case. And it looks to pretty!
I took full advantage of the lady looking at a fashion magazine with her yellow fabric next to her.
There is a mat pattern included in the Case pattern, but I used my pattern and squared off the corners to match the style of the folding bed sleeve. There are six pockets: 3 tall ones (quilted fabric) and 3 smaller (vinyl).
Then there's the Mini Dresden Spool Pin Plate. It's so cute!!  It's to protect the finish of the machine from damage from the machine thread spools.
I can't wait to have some time to pull my baby out and sew on it with my stylish, new accessories!

Sunday, August 4, 2019


Kitting, yes you read it right...not kitty (much as I love a warm kitty) but kitting. The thing we needlework teachers do to get ready for a class. It's a whole project in itself. Here you can read about a good example, my Beaded Strawberry Scissor Case class this week in Mount Holly, NJ. for the Holly Berries. a SAGA Chapter.
I gather all the supplies into a big tote and wander down to my dining room table where I cut various pieces of stuff. In this case green silk gingham, white silk, cotton batting and acid free cardboard. I stack them on a chest, along with other supplies, until I'm ready to package the kits.
 Beads, beads and more beads, all counted into little bags...5 colors in all.
Silk ribbons are cut for each kit and put into piles.
I can't forget the needle cards: printed on both sides, the back with the needle "key". Little pieces of wool felt are cut and stapled to the card. The 5 different needles are ready to go into the wool.
Completed needle cards are ready for insertion into the business card slot of the blue folders.
Then I start assembling the kits on the table, in this case, all 25 of them.
I put each completed kit in a ziplock plastic bag.
The plastic bag, needle card and instructions with patterns all go into a labeled blue folder, ready to be handed out to each person.
This kitting took two days to complete between cooking meals, laundry and business stuff. I'm looking forward to delivering these!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Beaded Featherstitch and a Whole Lot More

Beaded featherstitch is fun, adds some bling. But this double project, Lingerie and Jewelry Cases, has a whole lot more.
Silk ribbon embroidery (Spider Web Roses, Straight and Japanese Ribbon stitches, French Knots and Lazy Daisy) and Embroidery Stitches (Blanket and Chain stitches, Beaded Featherstitch).

But also in this double project class I cover additional extra sewing techniques of: making piping and applying into a seam; making a "stuffed" ring roll using the Fasturn tool (a great item to have in your notions stash); making a button loop; decorating and making a covered button (Lingerie Case);
and last but not least, making a covered snap for the ring roll.

The inside of the Jewelry Case....notice the flower that 'covers' the covered snap of the ring roll. The lace divides the one side into two pockets. There are a total of 5 pockets.
 I love the front of the Lingerie Case. It's just so delicate and feminine! It's a nice and convenient way to pack underclothes (and keep TSA off your things).
 The Jewelry Case is the perfect way to pack your jewelry when traveling.
There are so many unique projects to stitch up when you think about it and these two projects are perfect to have on hand when traveling.