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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jelly Roll Jacket and Dress

I just love it when I complete a big project...such a good feeling of accomplishment.

This is the Gail Doane project that is on the Summer 2016 issue of Classic Sewing Magazine. I was fortunate to take Gail's workshop in June at Chadwick Heirlooms in Richmond, VA. I figured I would make this for our younger granddaughter who would enjoy the whimsy, colors and style of the jacket and dress ensemble. This would be for her birthday...this September 5. Oops. I had put it aside to complete the Elegance Christening Ensemble and some other projects so it was time to "get hot" on this one! And I did...just in time to mail it to her for that special day.

One thing I had to keep in mind is our grand daughter's favorite color: yellow. Yellow and more yellow.  I chose this Jelly Roll (what you use to make all of the beautiful colored strips on the jacket and on the dress) because it had a prominent yellow fabric. So I used that yellow fabric down the center front of the jacket and down the sleeve center....

and across the back, which really highlighted her favorite color. The jacket lining is a yellow floral. So much fun for her!
Here's the matching dress.
It's so nice to have it it's on to the next project: a lattice smocked black velveteen children's hand muff. But more about that later......

Friday, September 9, 2016

Last Project Touches

I really look forward to the last little touches of a project, especially if I've been slogging through one that seems to take forever because of interruptions. I've been working on one of my own creations, The Notions Necessaire. It's part of a raffle basket for the SAGA National Convention. The raffle baskets are a major fund raiser for SAGA. It's good for me to make up one of my patterns every now-and-then to refresh my memory, try some new techniques. And of course I love to play with colorful fabrics...who doesn't? The Notions Necessaire is made from quilting fabrics...four of them. I purchased these wonderful fabrics from Chadwick Heirlooms. Not only does Chadwick's have a wonderful collection of heirloom fabrics, but their quilt fabrics are to die for! Here's the pincushion and emery (above) that sits inside the Spool Keeper. It's so cute in these fabrics!

Adding the spools of thread to the Spool Keeper adds more color to the project and goodies to the raffle basket.
I like to add beads to the Necessaire's satin ties. These were at a chain fabric store...large enough holes for the cord to slip through.

I so love it when a project comes together! Who knows what else I will add to this raffle basket?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Introducing...The Elegance Christening Ensemble!

It's done! I'm so happy to get this finished. But first I have to tell you about the inspiration for this ensemble.

Last year at Sewing at the Beach an antique gown was raffled off as a fundraiser. It had scalloped, embroidered edging matched together down the dress front to the hem. When the gown was displayed the proverbial light bulb went off in my head about the matched edging, but I knew I wouldn't use it all the way down the front. So during 7 hour drive home I was figuring this design out in my head. Working the construction details....the gentle curve of the ruffle in front. The ribbon showing between the scallops. I couldn't wait to get home and start drawing out variations of sleeves, many details, so little time!

I also wanted to use some of the new techniques I learned while taking those Whitework courses from the Royal School of Needlework: the little eyelets and the Shadowwork on the Under Dress! The embroidered beading with the ribbon covers up the ruffled seam so delicately. Even the gathered sleeves have the beading and ribbon.

The neckline of the Under Dress has a touch of embroidery!
I love this's perfect for a Christening or Dedication.
I will offer the Elegance Christening Ensemble in pink and white (shown), in all white, and in ivory and white, as a kit and as a class/workshop. It's not posted on my website just yet. There are a few more details to work out but I just couldn't wait to share this with you!