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Monday, July 10, 2017

Travel Projects

I'm getting ready to take a trip to visit family in San Antonio for a few wedding and all.
I don't like to travel without some sort of project (or more) to work on. I like to call it "Working Forward". In other words, continuing to work on projects, or parts of projects, even though I can't lug lots of sewing equipment with me on the plane. I keep it relatively simple.

Another project on my wish list is absolutely perfect for this trip. It's "A Smocked Coin Purse" by Terry Poskay and it's part of the SAGA Stitches Program. This one is #8 of the Smocking Project Series that can be taught as a SAGA Chapter program. I'm just doing it for myself. I thought it was a really cute, quick project.
First I gather the supplies, then read the instructions for any prep that needs to be done. This one required pleating two pieces of fabric from my stash, blocking it and tying off the pleating threads to 2 1/2". I located the center pleat and marked with contrasting thread.
With all pieces cut, then it's on to floss selection: DMC Coloris cotton floss #4509 is perfect for this because it has the colors of the fabric in the skein.
The purse required a lining and interfacing: again from the stash. Already had the little purse frame and plenty of beads (used when stitching the smocked piece to the frame). Throw in some #5 cotton darners for smocking and cheap, little scissors. Put it all in a plastic bag, or project bag, and I'm ready to fly!
And it's always fun to see people watching what I'm doing in the terminal or on the plane...brings up all sorts of conversations starting with "Gee, I'd didn't realize people still did THAT anymore...". Yes, I've had that statement.


  1. I am always amazed at your organization!!

  2. Yes, I am too sometimes despite the chaos around here!!!


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