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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Smocked Coin Purse

Remember that project I got together before some traveling? The Smocked Coin Purse? It's finished!
Smocking it on the plane took no time at all: one side from Norfolk to Atlanta, and the other side coming home from San Antonio to Atlanta.
Yesterday I added the bullion rose, forget-me-nots and leaves in coordinating floss colors below the smocking. Today I stitched it all together. Here are some of the steps. 

Both smocked sides are stitched around the outside perimeters of the pattern piece then trimmed up to the first stitching (photo on the right).

Below is after both outsides were stitched together, then the lining was attached. I used a rust colored fabric for the lining. Pressing on the sleeve board was most helpful!
 I chose this little purse frame from a local craft/decorating store. It looks a lot like the one used in the instructions.
Then it was time to sew the beads on which hold the fabric to the frame. The blue threads over the frame are the temporary whipped stitches to hold it all together. Makes it much easier to sew those beads on!
It's so cute and takes such little amount of fabric. I think our SAGA Chapter is going to use this SAGA Stitches program (Program 8) in the Fall as a group project. They would make good stocking stuffers!!


  1. It is really cute. But will you really use it?? It's too cute!

  2. I agree its too cute to use, but I did use a dark lining to hide any dirt from the coins. I think a silk one for formal occasions would be great to tuck into an evening bag. Hmmmmmm.

  3. The dark lining was a good idea. Silk sounds nice too.

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