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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Silk Ribbon UFO's

Several years ago I was very fortunate enough to win a raffle basket at the Smocking Arts Guild of America National Convention. It was loaded with gorgeous kits and patterns from the late Beverly Sheldrick of New Zealand. Her work and designs were legendary! Beautiful silk fabrics, lots of silk ribbon embroidery and unique designs....breathtaking to say the least! So I grabbed two of the small kits to work on while teaching at the latest SAGA Convention two weeks ago just to have on hand but didn't get around to working on them until now.

The first came about because there were no scissors of any kind allowed on planes, and Beverly flew around the world a lot on long flights. So she designed this lovely little "pouch" to hold a silk ribbon threader that just happens to have a little tiny cutter on the other end of it, which was allowed on the planes. It's called the "Traveler's Joy" kit. Very small, with a cord that ties onto the threader and there's a safety pin on the back to attach to clothing so it doesn't get lost. Great idea, fun small project done in a day!

The second small kit is the "Heart Pin Cushion", s beautiful heart with lots of Spider Web Roses in three colors of pink ribbon. She mentions in the instructions that the "idea of the garland was suggested by an old Victorian postcard". Oh My Goodness.....I had one similar to what she suggested! Take a look at the photo below......

This is the finished pincushion!!
And the back...

I substituted and made a pink and green cord for the hanger and as a surround to the heart pincushion.
What an interested coincidence. This kit took longer to make but the Spider Web Roses are fun to stitch and easy to do. It's what I call a lot of Bang for your Buck. In other words, a lot of gorgeous effects with very little effort.

Happy Stitching!!

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