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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

More Break Sewing

Kits for two upcoming classes are completed so it's time to make something fun for myself. When ordering fabrics for the Purse Reticule kits I ordered some fabric for a shirt to go with some very special 'buttons" that I inherited from my mother. Aren't they interesting?

They are authentic Southwest silver buttons inlaid with turquoise and stamped with a cross motif. I've had them for years. They cannot be sewn permanently on because of washing the shirt, so I plan to use either "button pins" or cotter pins  so they can be removed prior to cleaning. I'll use the button pins after researching the value of these beautiful buttons: definitely more secure! Only having enough of them for the shirt front, I used some plain black buttons on the cuffs.

 I stitch small round holes for the button shank to peek through the garment front and attach either cotter pin or button pin (see the photo above for cotter pins), and stitch regular button holes on the other side.

If you look really close, one of the button pins is through the button shank over the black fabric just off center to the left....yes, it's a bad picture!

Black fabric was the best choice, and the addition of white dots works nicely. Relating elements in this project are dots and circles, and the black fabric relates to the stamped design in the buttons.  The fabric is a linen/rayon blend and washed up beautifully. Not to be too plain, I am using a black and white stripe line pique (leftover from my Ascot doll outfit class) on the collar stand and cuffs.

This will be great to wear with jeans or black pants, and it's comfortable.
Happy Stitching and Sewing!

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