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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Seduction 2

 I finished my Altoids tin sewing kit....the design from EGA that seduced me with it's usefulness and embroidery. 

Stitches used were: outline, stem, lazy daisy, bullion, french knot and fly stitch. After finishing the embroidery I sewed on the pearls one by one.

When that was completed the top was cut out along the pattern lines and I ran a gathering thread around the circumference. 

The plastic piece (cut to fit from plastic packaging I had saved) was covered in batting. Then the batting side was laid down against the wrong side of the embroidered top and laced.

I "tricked" out the inside with two elasticized ribbons to hold scissors and needle packets. I added a tiny wool felt needle book (all sewn on by machine) on the inside lid. I used padding on the inside lid and bottom.

Then I hot-glued the top and bottom into the tin. Then the embroidered top was hot-glued in place. Next came a piece of trim with the join covered with a small mother of pearl heart-shaped button. Easy!! 

But the padding caused a little problem: the tin was hard to close and the tin's hinges gave me some problems. So I would suggest if you want to make one for fun, don't add two layers of fiberfill batting like I did in top and bottom, use only one! Or maybe one layer of thin cotton batting. 

All in all, I love my little sewing kit tin. I'm tempted to make more when I empty the Altoid tin that's in my car!!

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