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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Cornflower Scissor Sheath Finished!

I was kind of dreading finishing this scissor sheath because it had a new stitch on it that I don't believe I'd ever used before (at least not as an edging): the Corded Coral Stitch. And the fabric, silk duchess satin, can be very tricky to work with: it shows everything and can ravel quickly. All other pieces were cut out and prepared so I worked on the finishing steps a little each day.

 The Corded Coral Stitch was worked across the top of the embroidered piece (after being stitched to the lining) working from right to left using seven strands of black silk thread as cord, and two black strands for the coral you're balancing keeping the 'cord' taut, and coral threads slightly taut while you make each coral stitch at a small, consistent distance around the top of the piece. Interesting.....but I did it! 

The fun got better putting the prepared front and back together. Using sewing thread and tiny stitches (remembering the corded coral stitch had to cover them) I stitched the pieces together. Okay, done.

Then more fun: the rest of the Coral Stitch around the outside of the scissor case starting at the right side of the case at the front and back join. I hid the thread knot down in the case, a bit of a trick. Same number of threads, but at the other side join I had to add two more strands to the coral stitch threads (to make a total of four), again hiding the knot of these two down in the case. On around the bottom of the case and back up to the beginning, again surreptitiously hiding the knot inside. I was glad to finish this part of the instructions!

I made a short cord (pearl cotton) using my Spinster and attached it carefully to the case top using some of the matching silk thread. Whew! Done!! Here's the final result that I'm pretty pleased with:

Now on to the matching Pin Ball that's the second part of the kit.

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