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Monday, October 26, 2020

More Crewel Huswife

The next step in finishing this wonderful crewel huswife is putting the ruler and scissor pockets onto the foundation. First step was to cut out their patterns from the provided plastic, easily done using mat, ruler and rotary cutter to get the most accurate templates.

The ruler pocket was really easy: turn under the pocket top and stitch it down, folding the sides in to the Pekinese stitch top border and pressing using the template as "pattern". Then an easy slip stitch to the foundation after the template was removed: quickly done and very satisfying. The scissor case was a little more complicated. The plastic template stays in this one. The completed front is centered and edges wrapped around the template. Lacing is done with a strong thread. I chose Cotty #12 cotton thread for this. First the top to bottom are laced: the top is carefully stitched on the edge of the fold. Then the sides of the case are laced.

The scissor case lining is folded in slightly smaller than the laced front with corners tucked in. I did use a steam iron to help with this to get sharp creases. 

The lining was slip stitched to the scissor case cover to prepare for final stitching to the foundation.

Here is the result of a carefully stitched scissor case. I put extra stitches at the top corners just to reinforce where the most strain would be. The last step was stitching the little felt "pin page" (my term on this) to the foundation using some of the crewel wool in the same felt color and a catch stitch to secure it. It looks good so far. 

But the next challenging step is putting the lining and the cover together, but that's another day!

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