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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Cape Finished!


Finally finished the cape! The buttonholes were a challenge on this one, more than expected. My old Pfaff machine was not up to making the keyhole buttonholes. I made up samples to stitch out as I do for any buttonhole before sewing on the project. I tried everything but the thickness, especially at the front edge, despite steaming and using the clapper to compress even more, proved too much of a challenge. Then I tried the regular buttonhole, but no avail. Okay, drop back and punt.....Manual buttonholes were the solution so after 8 more samples stitched I was ready to go. Manual means no buttonhole foot and manually setting the zigzags, using the needle down feature as necessary and carefully marking the parameters of the buttonhole. It worked....finally!

Then each buttonhole (except the one at the top) was surrounded with grosgrain ribbon folded into a point. First the ribbon is carefully folded and pressed. Then pinned around the buttonhole.

Basting is the only way to prepare the ribbon for machine stitching.

Then the ribbon is sewn by machine around the buttonhole but the point is left unsewn.

Three more ribbon "surrounds" are placed on the left side of the cape to line up perfectly with the ones on the right. Buttons were attached with waxed thread to the left side.The last piece of the puzzle was the belt. After sewing the two pieces together the edges are sewn then pinked just like the cape hem.

I'm so glad this project is done!  I won't say I loved sewing it, but I did learn a lot and also practiced up on some skills I don't use often. Will I use this pattern again?  Probably not without some changes! Now on to another sewing project. I am SO grateful to be able to sew and create!


  1. Beautiful! Your hard work and attention to details paid off! You should get many years of wear with this cape.

  2. Thanks, Carla! I'm very glad it's finished with (hopefully) cold weather coming.


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