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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

New Sewing Space Table

My 'new' sewing space will have the IKEA MALM desk that has a pull out table that can be put on the left or right. It's a perfect place to put the laptop. 

MALM desk with pull-out panel white 59 1/2 " 25 5/8 " 28 3/4 " 110 lb

I decided putting it on the left, like the IKEA photo above, was ideal. I can look out the window while working on the laptop. The table is 59 1/2" long and about 25" wide. Perfect for my small space. But I still had to put it together.......

My husband and I carried each piece separately upstairs from the garage into the sewing room....Notice the old phone we keep that works when we lose power during storms when cell phones don't. 

And more pieces in the hallway....
and the box of parts...lots of parts.
Assembly in the sewing room....upside down ready for my husband to help me turn it right side up.
Finally in place!
Next on the to do list is find an ergonomic chair with wheels and adjustable height. This room is going to be so wonderful to sew in. I can't wait to finish the design!


  1. You are going to love your newly organized space! Looks lovely!

  2. Wow! Putting that together looks daunting. I am in love with the Drawer Storage unit. Shallow drawers so you can find lots of stuff:)

  3. Yes, my hands were hurting after all of the work, but it was worth it in the end. Maybe IKEA can ship a drawer unit to you?? Their instructions are easy to follow.


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