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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hurricane Stitching

As most folks in the U.S. know, the eastern coast is expecting a dangerous hurricane to smack North and/or South Carolina starting late Thursday night. My area, commonly known as Hampton Roads, Virginia (specifically Smithfield, Virginia, for me), is enforcing mandatory evacuations for low lying areas, which is not our house thankfully. But, it doesn't mean it's going to be a vacation, either. I've been out gathering the usual supplies: batteries, water, pet food, kitty litter, and foods that won't need refrigeration since we will most likely lose power. I've finished all of my kits for the Smocking Arts Guild of America National Convention which starts next week in Winston Salem, which will make for an interesting drive for me on Monday.

So after I get all the preparations done, what about stitching? I'm going to NEED to stitch to stay calm. I've been back working on the beautiful wool shawl "Flowers for a Fall Evening" (designed by Kris Andrews) as you can see here.
I've completed the other Lily end and made progress since this posting a few months ago: "Carrot Time".
After I finish the red Poppy side I have one little leaf to do at the center back of the shawl. It will be lined, and then I plan to bead the ends. The lining will have to wait until I have power.... But I do have Ott lights that run on batteries, so I'll be able to see to stitch.

Then I can pull out a UFO or two from the Unfinished Object box if I want to do more stitching while the winds and rain blow.
And to all fellow stitchers and sewers in the impact area: stay safe, stay dry and God watch over you and yours during this dangerous storm!

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