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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fagoting Stitches

I'm preparing to teach a SAGA Stitches Christmas Ornament (Program 4) to my SAGA Chapter, the Colonial Cablers. This one is "Surface Honeycomb Ornament with Faggoting". Yes, I know I've spelled "fagoting" with either one or two t's. Reference books differ on the spelling. Anyway, I finished the class sample, a pretty one with fagoting done in gold metallic thread against green fabric and white smocking. The gold thread is woven in and out of the white diagonal surface honeycomb stitch. You can see it clearly here.

I then realized some members may not have ever seen fagoting done the "normal" way between two pieces of fabric, lace or ribbon. And I had a UFO (unfinished object) that was a class I took years ago for the very same technique. I pulled the kit out and went to work. This class was designed and taught by a good friend, Kathy Awender (with a link to her lovely pincushion kit on the SAGA website).

I worked the pink floche fagoting stitches on graph paper to keep the correct distance between the laces or ribbons as instructed in the kit.
Here's a closeup of the finished bonnet on a stand. Each fagoting stitch row is a different stitch: Basic Fagoting stitch (an open Cretan insertion stitch), Twisted Insertion, Buttonhole Insertion, Knotted Insertion; and Laced Insertion (in white and pink floche at the bonnet back).
And the last photo with my lovely geraniums..picks up the pink in the bonnet.
Now I'll have a good example of "normal" fagoting for the ornament class next week!

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  1. So adorable Susie!!! I'm not really a bonnet person, but this one is very cute!


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