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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bullion Roses

I'm finishing up the fine embroidery on the second Elegance Christening Gown. Bullions are not's the mechanics that throws people off switching back and forth between left and right hand. Personally I think they're beautiful and versatile. They give embroidery a two-dimensional look. I prefer to use floche, but other threads work. The right needle is extremely important: use a milliner that's appropriate for the chosen thread. Here I'm using a #9 milliner with one strand of cloche. It's a stitch that I practice first on a doodle cloth, as you can see here against the finished ones of the Over Dress. Bullion Roses can be a little tricky because of placement around a circle.

This rose has two center bullions at 6 wraps each, then 4 more at 11 wraps each curving around the two center ones. I love this ecru Floche against the Swiss scalloped edging and the ecru silk satin ribbon!

The last row is 8 bullions at 12 wraps each done in white floche. The white highlights the ecru billions so nicely. These roses are so elegant, understated and beautiful!

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