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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Making Emeries

I have to make 25 emery bags to go into the Purse Reticule kits. They will be this cone shape when put into the Emery Cover.

I make the bags so there isn't a mess in the classroom when I teach as it takes precious time away from important things. The supplies I need are: tightly woven cotton fabric bags, needles, scissors,
a bucket of Authentic Berryhill Heirlooms Emery, small funnel and a measuring device (a tablespoon in this case). And newspaper to cover the work surface. Since this is going to take a little time I've already put a meal in the crock pot to slow cook all day, my "Keeper Beef Stew".

To sew any Emery Bag: put wrong sides together of cut-out fabric, sew around the outer edges with a 1.5mm straight stitch on your machine and leave an opening. Turn right side out and press each one, and follow the rest of the instructions below. You can make them any shape you want.

When I have the supplies ready and my work area set up, I insert the little funnel into the opening of a bag and pour in the amount of emery powder needed, in this case slightly less than one tablespoon.
The needle is ready with a 30 weight cotton thread and knotted at the end. A tiny whip stitch is perfect and fast to close the opening.
This is a finished one.
I'm done with all 25 of these little Emery Bags so it's on to some much anticipated embroidery!


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