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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Hot Mess of Lace

It's a blowsy, misty day here in Tidewater, Virginia. Remnants of Maria blowing off the coast. What better time than to organize a hot mess of lace. Yup....a real mess. I had bolts and bolts of it stacked on a shelf with ends hanging down over my books and generally looking very unruly! Not to mention the Swiss embroideries, entredeux, velvet get the picture. Pinterest to the rescue so I researched organization and labeling. I found Pins about Dollar Store organizing ideas. I looked up how to make your own labels. Good stuff! Here's the label information I used and it really is a good link with different sizes and styles of printable labels that you can add your own words to. I found basic collapsible storage containers at my local Dollar Store.

So I printed out the labels, then covered them in the Scotch Self-Seal Laminating Sheets
that I purchased at Target. I already had the little brass fasteners and the card stock. So I printed some labels off and began organizing the Hot Mess into the Dollar Store baskets.
I cut the labels out, measured them and poked holes with my awl.
I used my handy dandy centering measuring tape to mark corresponding holes in the basket.
I poked holes into the baskets with the awl, and attached the labels with the brass fasteners.
Then I put all of the newly labeled and organized baskets on the shelves.....
This looks so much better, and it's easier to get out what I need when sewing. The entire project cost just under $16. Now it's back to the ivory and white Elegance Christening Ensemble. Perfect day for stitching!

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