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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Silk Scene Tree

Back to the silk scene after attending the SAGA National Convention. I'm working a little each day on it when possible. I added a tree next to the wall to add more perspective...hopefully. I've never used this technique before: bundling different threads and colors together, then tacking them down with couching stitches. It was an interesting experiment and took some getting used to

The threads: mixed DMC cotton flosses in shades of brown to very dark brown, one Antique Ecru Floche  and a little bit of silk buttonhole twist.
I loaded a mix of these threads into a #18 Chenille needle (very large eye and shaft) with a knot on the end. Into the fabric to start at the base of the tree trunk and laid them down, twisting a little as I went.
I repeated this about 2 more times to get needed width. I also ran some along the edge of the wall in an effort to make it look like the tree was just on the other side of it.
About midway I divided the multiple strands and threaded some into another needle to lay them down as branches.
And some of those I separated again to create smaller branches.
Since these threads were laying on top of the fabric unsecured I used some of the same thread in a smaller #8 Crewel Embroidery needle to "artistically" couch them down. Read: stitches of different lengths and angles over the trunk and branch bases to hold them in place. Then I used a little of the very dark brown (DMC 3371) to add some dark shading where I thought the sun wasn't touching the tree. And some of the Antique Ecru Floche for highlights.

Various 7mm variegated green silk ribbons were perfect for the leaves of this unusual tree. The Japanese Ribbon Stitch was just right for leaves because I could curve them either left or right, or leave them centered, to add more interest and least I hope it does!
I laid my workbook down on the left side simulating the position of mat board when framed. The tree was lopsided so I added two little branches to the left, then leaves. It looks better to me now.
Not sure what I'll tackle next...I'll take some time and think about it tomorrow. Thanks for reading my blog about this Silk Ribbon Scene journey!

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