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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Silk Scene Wall

The wall...I hit it trying to figure out what to do next on The Scene. I just couldn't get past the wall or what was going in front of it. So I tackled the wall itself, and thought about what to do next while making umpteen French Knots.
Ann Cox's book, Silk Ribbon Embroidery Designs and Techniques, shows a wall with moss on it...or maybe its lichen. Either way it's good for connecting my not-too-realistic wall blocks. And it adds interest and dimension.

I chose four colors of thread: 3 DMC cotton flosses and one DMC cotton floche. 
And I threaded 4 crewel/embroidery needles, sizes 8 or 9, each with one of the colors (2 strands of DMC or one strand of the floche). One wrap French knots were perfect, clustered together, for this slow growing moss. It was easiest to work all four colors at the same time in the hoop to be able to choose on a whim which color went where. In between I parked the unused needles on the top of the hooped silk to keep from tangling on the wrong side. The system worked really well even though it looks like a-mess-of-threads here.
The final moss wall...looks much better, and this technique is a great way to cover any ink bleeding (notice the wall top right between photo above and one below) or lackluster stones.
Now all I have to do is figure out what to tackle next. Iris, anyone?

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