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Sunday, August 4, 2019


Kitting, yes you read it right...not kitty (much as I love a warm kitty) but kitting. The thing we needlework teachers do to get ready for a class. It's a whole project in itself. Here you can read about a good example, my Beaded Strawberry Scissor Case class this week in Mount Holly, NJ. for the Holly Berries. a SAGA Chapter.
I gather all the supplies into a big tote and wander down to my dining room table where I cut various pieces of stuff. In this case green silk gingham, white silk, cotton batting and acid free cardboard. I stack them on a chest, along with other supplies, until I'm ready to package the kits.
 Beads, beads and more beads, all counted into little bags...5 colors in all.
Silk ribbons are cut for each kit and put into piles.
I can't forget the needle cards: printed on both sides, the back with the needle "key". Little pieces of wool felt are cut and stapled to the card. The 5 different needles are ready to go into the wool.
Completed needle cards are ready for insertion into the business card slot of the blue folders.
Then I start assembling the kits on the table, in this case, all 25 of them.
I put each completed kit in a ziplock plastic bag.
The plastic bag, needle card and instructions with patterns all go into a labeled blue folder, ready to be handed out to each person.
This kitting took two days to complete between cooking meals, laundry and business stuff. I'm looking forward to delivering these!

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