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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Embroiderer's Guild of America National Seminar

I've just left Louisville, KY, where I attended the EGA National Seminar after a beautiful drive through the West Virginia mountains. I was hoping for beautiful fall colors on the trees but alas, our hot, very late summer has precluded that. One can hope.....

I'm took only two classes at the Seminar this year covering three days, but two that challenged me: Wool Appliquéd Fingertip Gloves and Crewel Necessities.

Deborah Gale Tirico is the teacher for the Fingertip Gloves. She's very energetic and funny, and a very good teacher. I loved the way she used technology to "film" and project her stitch demonstrations up on a screen to make it easy for all to see. Here she is in class:
These are her glove samples in the different color kits that were available for us to choose. I chose the orange and turquoise one, second from the right. This will be an easy and fun project to finish!
My second class was Crewel Necessities taught by Kim Sanders. It's a Necessary, storage for your needles, ruler, scissors, etc.  It opens like a book and is also embroidered on the inside. I love this project!
It's made out of Ulster Linen Twill, a fabric I've never stitched on. It's quite sturdy.
I'm also using an Evertight frame seen on the left in the photo above (not covered yet). The Appleton wools are the best and I'm challenged with the stitches. This is a class that covers many of the basic crewel techniques and stitches so it's a very good class for me. Long and short stitch has always been my bugaboo but Kim makes it very understandable.

The Ulster Linen Twill is attached to the Evertight Frame with tacks. Very different for me, but it really keeps the fabric taut.
Below is my progress on the second day of class. I'm pleased and I learned a lot. I know I will be able to finish this gorgeous project with what I've learned. 

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